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While "Shakedown Socialism" is illustrated with graphics from a variety of sources - from vintage cartoons to Soviet propaganda posters to modern-day news footage - a significant number of the illustrations, including the book cover, were custom-made for this book by the author himself.

The more significant ones are reproduced here. The plan is to turn some of them into posters, T-shirts, and mugs, available for sale at Zazzle.com. Please check back later for updates.

The trick of optical illusion:
The three money bags are of the same size, but their placement out of context of linear perspective is distorting our judgment.

The same optical trick allows to portray Lenin's figure -
or anyone else's figure for that matter -
larger or smaller than it really is, by placing it out of context
in a way that is calculated to distort our judgment.

The paradox of the union movement is that it succeeds as long as it fails to grow. Big Labor's appetites and the resulting actions ultimately lead to economic failures of companies that no longer can feed the multitudes of overpaid and underworked union workers.

Lenins fall

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