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American Statesman with Karen Schoen.
Oleg Atbashian talks about his books, satire, Trump
July 9, 2019
(Listen to abridged podcast)

Andrea Shea King Show: Oleg Atbashian and the story of his artwork now being used to raise money for Margaret Thatcher statue in the UK - March 21, 2013
(Listen to abridged podcast)

Oleg Atbashian: We are Bleeding to Death from Something Much Worse than Theater Shootings
July 26, 2012

The Radio Jihad Show - Mama Mia No Shariah
On CAIR and other Islamic groups in America
June 25, 2012 - Oleg's interview starts at 39:35
(Listen to abridged podcast)

Dr. Rich Swier Show - 1490 WWPR Talk Suncoast radio
Oleg Atbashian on private and public sector unions, socialism and America - June 11, 2012
(Listen to podcast)

Oleg Bash of The People's Cube -  May 3, 2012

(Listen to abridged podcast)

Backbone Radio 710 AM KNUS in Denver and
1460 AM KZNT in Colorado Springs
W/ talk show host Ross Kaminsky -  Aug. 28, 2011

Backbone Radio 710 AM KNUS in Denver
and 1460 AM KZNT in Colorado Springs
W/ talk show host Ross Kaminsky -  Sept. 11, 2011

Austin, TX - KLGO FM 99.3 / 98.5 - The WORD
Arise Shine Program with hosts Dan & Laurie Purkis
September 25, 2011

Obama: The Pitchfork Operator-in-Chief
Article by radio talk show host Dr. Rich Swier (Sarasota, Fl) that is based on excerpts from Shakedown Socialism

Colorado Springs Radio - 740 KVOR
with host Richard Randall
- local Rush Limbaugh channel, August 23, 2011

Austin Access TV - Lipstick and Politics Show
with Mary Ann Mayfield and Priscilla Fletcher
(Video not available) Sept. 25, 2011

RBN (Republic Broadcasting Network)
KHFX 1140AM in Texas, plus various other states
The Unsolicited Opinion with Maggie Roddin - 2-hour radio interview, Sept. 30, 2011

NewsRadio 850 KOA - Denver, Colorado  
One-hour interview with Mike Rosen
( Listen to podcast)
Feb.3, 2011

Maggie Roddin @ KHNC 1360 AM in Colorado  
The Unsolicited Opinion: Wednesday with Oleg Atbashian, author of Shakedown Socialism
(Listen to podcast)

Bobby Gunther Walsh - WAEB AM790 (Clear Channel)
A series of three interviews (1/31-2/2/2011)

The Drive Time Happy Hour - The Sky 97.3 FM News Talk - Gainesville, FL 
Half-hour interview with Chip Morris and Mr. PC
(Listen to MP3 file)

One-hour interview at at OMG WTF LOL! show with host Rhonda Omberg
(Blogtalkradio - Houston, TX)

TEA Party Power Hour 
One-hour interview with host Mark Gillar
(Blogtalkradio - Bryan, TX)

WNJC 1360 AM (Philadelphia) The Unsolicited Opinion: One-hour radio with Maggie Roddin - Part 2 (podcast)

WNJC 1360 AM (Philadelphia) The Unsolicited Opinion: One-hour radio with Maggie Roddin - Part 1 (podcast)

Chimpsy's Real American 87, Florida
The CRA Christmas Show with a special guest Oleg Atbashian (15 min podcast)

Conscience of Kansas - WildCat 91.9:
Talk show host Paul Ibbetson intervies Atbashian

The Tulane Hullabaloo:
Atbashian discusses dangers of socialism

WINA Radio (Charlottesville, VA):
The Rob Schilling Show (available on podcast)

Political Mavens:
Shakedown Socialism by Julia Gorin

Death By 1000 Papercuts (DBKP):
Recognize the socialist/progressive racket before it destroys your life: read Shakedown Socialism

Hot Tea Radio:
The Rock World Wide Show with Trey Roberts (available on podcast)

WSHO Radio, New Orleans:
An hour-long interview with Kathleen Benfield on her show The Current Word (available on podcast)

Best manipulative demand to receive a free autographed copy of Shakedown Socialism

Death By 1000 Papercuts:
Shakedown Socialism: Progress to Nowhere

Michelle Obama's Mirror:
Socialism You Can BELIEVE IN!

The Union News:
Obamunists ♥ Shakedown Socialism

Julia Gorin:
The Book I’ve Been Waiting For


RTN Russian TV Network, New York (1 hr):
Русский телеканал Нью-Йорка
Интервью (1 час) Ведущий - Борис Тенцер

Chicago Russian Radio - 1 hr interview (MP3)
Радио Народная Волна (Чикаго)
Интервью (1 час). Ведущий - Сергей Зацепин

Chicago Russian Radio - 2 hr interview (MP3)
Радио Народная Волна (Чикаго)
Интервью (2 часa). Ведущий - Сергей Зацепин

Chicago Russian Radio Blog
Радио Народная Волна (Чикаго)
Дополнительная информация об авторе

Novoye Russkoye Slovo - Новое Русское Слово:
Socialism in the USA? (Социализм в США? - Алексей ОРЛОВ)



Oleg Atbashian's Remarks at the Social Media Neutrality Panel at Newseum in Washington DC, 2/6/2018

Glenn Beck's GBTV (Blaze): Interview on B.S. of A. Comedy Show with Brian Sack

Living Under Marxism is a Joke
Interview with Cliff Kincaid for America's Survival channel on Roku, now also on YouTube.

Video Interview on PJTV with Alexis Garcia
Shakedown Socialism in America

King Street Patriots in Houston, TX (with Q&A)
Edited live podcast of an interview with Catherine Engelbrecht - 48 min

Liberty on the Rocks in Colorado Springs (with Q&A)
Edited live podcast, hosted by David Kelly - 37 min

Oleg Atbashian Talks About Shakedown Socialism to Lehigh Valley Tea Party (58 min)


Obama reads SHakedown Socialism

Obama reads SHakedown Socialism


Satire and Parody

MICHELLE MALKIN: "One of the coolest, edgiest parody sites mocking the Marxist left is The People’s Cube. I’ve linked their photoshops and satire several times over the past several years."

RUSH LIMBAUGH: "A Stalinist version of The Onion."

DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL: "Our eternal fave fake news site"

BARRY RUBIN: "The funniest satire ever on how American history is being taught today."

THOMAS LIFSON: "The People's Cube is one of the funniest satirical websites, run by Oleg Atbashian, who honed his appreciation for the immorality of leftism by growing up in Soviet-era Ukraine and finding employment as an agitprop artist there, before defecting to the West.  In the interest of full disclosure, Oleg is a friend of mine."

ThePeoplesCube.com satirizes current political events pretending to see the world through the eyes of the Stalinist Politburo (with occasional off-character editorials). It was started in 2005 by Oleg Atbashian, an ex-Soviet immigrant in the US, who is also a writer and graphic artist. Today the site has many contributors and followers inside the US and worldwide, who think of it as "the funniest website ever." Materials from The People's Cube have been reprinted in The New York Post, Advertising Age, The Telegraph (NH), The Florida Jewish News, The Province (Vancouver), and newspapers in Great Britain, Australia, and Israel. Its satirical articles, cartoons, and parodies have been translated into French, German, Russian, Hebrew, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese. They are often featured on popular right-leaning political websites, such as, JewishWorldReview.com, Insrtapundit.com, MichelleMalkin.com, pjmedia.com, BigHollywood.Breitbart.com, and many others. Left-leaning websites, such as, VillageVoice.com and Politico.com have also featured and quoted its materials. ThePeoplesCube.com is currently syndicated by Google News.

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